Top 4 Hacks For Improving Nasal Breathing

The ultimate goal in airway development and sleep apnea prevention is nasal breathing

Nasal Hygiene

We love XLEAR for clearing the nose. Use the blow, spray, blow method at night before bed to improve nasal inflammation and congestion. Due to the steroids in products like Flonase, we recommend using them only for short-term use.

Nasal Dilators

Products like the Nasal Aid or a Breathe Right strip help keep the nose open at night. The nose is “use it or lose it,” and if it is accustomed to working at night, it will clog up until we train the body differently. If persistence at this fails, you may want to see an allergist or naturopath to be evaluated for the cause of allergies and congestion.

Maxillary Expansion

Maxillary expansion through products like Myobrace, Toothpillow, Candid, fixed expanders or a combination of both. Having enough room for the tongue on the roof of the mouth is essential for nasal breathing. The roof of the mouth is the floor of the nose, so expanding the palate also improves the size of the nasal passages.

Tongue Therapy

When the tongue is tied or poorly trained, it will end up back in the airway, and the roof of the mouth (aka the floor of the nose) becomes too small. Myofunctional therapy and tongue tie release can be a very important tool for many patients in improving and MAINTAINING their airway, bite and facial development.

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