Pediatric Airway Orthodontics

Building Healthy Airways in Children

At Saddle Peak Dental, we strongly believe in creating healthy, beautiful jaws with open, functional airways from an early age.

All of our orthodontic patients are designed with airway in mind. We know that developing beautiful smiles is a byproduct of creating functional airways. Lips look more full with the support of properly positioned jaws. And cheekbones improve with wider, anteriorly positioned arches. We also see less creases in the nasolabial folds as these jaws age.

The human face is not only prettier with a wide and anteriorly positioned smile, but it will also help that patient live healthier, longer, due to better sleep, proper oxygenation and effective nasal breathing.

Maybe you have heard of the airway epidemic that is facing our country. Or maybe you have noticed that just about every kid needs orthodontics to help with crowded teeth. Or they “don’t have room” for their wisdom teeth.

This is all airway-related!

It is partly due to indoor living that is creating more stuffy noses, a lack of nutrition in our diets, and mostly from improper chewing or a lack of chewing due to our processed foods, and soft, squishy baby foods.

Does this sound like your child?

Our free pediatric airway assessment can help!

Pediatric Airway Treatment Options

Under Age 3

We advocate for Baby Led Weaning and a Weston Price Diet to help with what modern life is doing to human skulls and airways.

Baby Led Weaning is a great way to develop the skeleton and allow children to really chew. This chewing is crucial to facial development! We also love a myochew! They help clean the teeth and stimulate facial development through chewing!

We sell them in the office for all our growing babies, they are best for under age 3.

Removable Treatments

As Montana’s Toothpillow provider, Dr. Hilary gets a lot of practice treating 3-12-year-olds with removable appliances like Myobrace or Vivos. 

These amazing appliances work in three ways:

  1. They develop healthy nasal breathing habits
  2. The development of the jaws, wider and forward to create room for the tongue, teeth, and airway
  3. Align teeth to potentially prevent traditional braces or clear aligner therapy. 

Fixed Treatments

The age can range for these treatments, but some children need fixed upper and lower expanders to really help the jaw develop to the size that it was intended to be.

These devices are easy to place and remove. They require turning to widen, but they are extremely effective in children and teens. Its important to start this process before the palatal sutures close, as teens near the end of their growth.

Clear Aligner Therapy

We love using Candid clear aligners for smaller expansion needs, and final alignments.  This product has a really effective airway protocol that can expand the arches, remodel bone, upright teeth and execute carefully planned alignment. 

The amazing thing about clear aligner therapy is the exact design that we can achieve.  Unlike traditional braces, we are able to carefully execute planned moves and not go too far or not far enough by accident.

Children are also usually happier with the aligners because they cause less pain due to careful movement.  They’re more esthetic and less noticeable to others.

How to Get Started With Treating Your Child’s Airway

Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and get started on your customized treatment path!